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You can also combine it with some trophy fishing, or bear hunting.
Canada has it all.

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Saskatchewan Out. #9

Prime Waterfowl hunting in Saskatchewan

Hunt migratory birds in the Saskatchewan area known as the wettest in the province and a major roosting stop for the northern central flyway. The number of birds ( ducks & geese ) are high due to the abundance of large roost waters as well as several small dipping ponds. You will enjoy our many successful hunting techniques. We take pride in offering a quality hunting experience.

We are now licensed to hunt upland game in the same area. How about going out after dinner and shooting a limit of Hungarian Partridge or Ruffed Grouse.

This area offers excellent whitefront, Canada Goose (greaters and lessers), Snow Geese; Blue Geese; Ross and duck hunting. It is also abundant in upland game birds mainly the Hungarian Partridge and the Sharp Tailed Grouse. The migratory bird hunting is best in this area for the whole month of October. The upland hunting is great from the middle of September to the beginning of November. We offer hotel lodging at this location with restaurant meals.

Pricing for our hunts are as follows:

packages include: airport pick-up; accommodations; meals; guides; scouts; dogs; and possession bird cleaning

We have excellent hunting dogs but if you like you can bring along your trusted hunting buddy

We take pride in offering you a top quality hunting experience!

Alberta Out. #1

World class spring black bear hunting in remote northern and western Alberta. We are bow hunting specialists offering baited or spot and stalk hunts in the month of May.

This 6 day hunt based in tents normally produces 100% opportunity with a 2 bear limit. Bow shots can be as close as 20 yards over bait. Muzzleloader and rifle hunters can come and experience our hunts as well. Contact us for full hunt details.

Alberta offers great migratory bird hunts in the fall!

Prime Waterfowl hunting in Central Albera near Edmonton
Giant Canada's and Mallards are our mainstay you can hunt Lesser Canada's, White-fronted Geese, Snow, Ross' or Blue Geese to name a few.

Located in the heart of Western Canada's central flyway we offer 3 day hunts for a range of local and migrating waterfowl.

What to expect

Using state-of-the-art equipment such as Goose Chairs and low-profile coffin-style blinds we put our hunters in the heart of the action among our lifelike spread of Big Foot, Carry-Lite and Robo-goose/duck decoys. Typical shoots occur in pea or barley fields and/or small staging water. When conditions are right, exceptional big water hunts can be had on a variety of local wetlands.

Hunting Alberta's famous agricultural belt, we consistently put you into fast-paced action for some of the finest waterfowling in the world!

Whitetail & Mule Deer hunts
Offering quality deer hunts in Central Alberta. Alberta is long recognized as a world-class Mecca for monster whitetail deer & mule deer. Hunters can expect to sit in tree stands, ladder stands or in ground blinds within, or along the edge of woodlots surrounded by patchworks of farmland. We specialize in bow hunts during Sept. and Oct.

Manitoba Out. #9

Premium 2.5 day Canada Goose, Snow Goose and Duck hunts.

We will pick you up in Winnipeg all for $1,500 US

Also NEW for 2009, A premium 2.5 day duck hunt with 3 diver duck hunts all for $1,100 US

What do you get when you have thousands of birds with very little hunting pressure, and access to over 10,000 acres of private crop and Marsh Land?

You get the ultimate Waterfowl hunting experince!

Located in the small agricultural community of Labroquerie Manitoba (SE Manitoba). This is right on the prime funnel area of the Mississippi Flyway. The regions corn fields keep the birds coming back agaian and again.

Waterfowl hunting is what we love.
It is the only type of hunts we offer. We spend 100% of our time focusing on making the upcoming waterfowl season the best yet.

We have two excellent hunting dogs - Chester and Porter.
However if you have your own hunting companion bring him along.

Manitoba Outfitter #5 ( whitetail, bear, birds )

New operation offering quality Southern Manitoba whitetail hunts. These are idea for those of you wanting to drive up for your next Canadian hunt. Just 35 miles east of Winnipeg.

Whitetail Deer Hunts:
Whitetail hunters have the option of archery, muzzleloader or rifle hunts beginning in late August and ending with the rifle hunts in late November. We offer 2 large prime hunting zones using tent camps or motels for your accommadations.

Hunters pursuing the majestic whitetail will not only be seeing ordinary deer. Far from it. Biologists recognize 30 distinct sup-species of N. American whitetails. The "Dakota" sub-species is the farthest north ranging into Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

The Bucks can range from 200 - 300 pounds with the does being 20-30% less. A combination of good genetics and excellent nutrition has produced these fine deer. In fertile bottomland mixed wood forests, which are found in the hunting areas, deer have been shown to weigh an average of 51 pounds more at 2.5 years of age. The large robust size of these healthy whitetails allows exceptional antler growth. A quick check of Record Books of Whitetail Deer in Canada will prove this. Northern deer stand out in antler size and configuration, with massive main beams and long thick tines.

nice deer pic about 118k       another nice deer about 484 k

Whitetail Deer hunt Prices:
Archery hunt - $2,300 US; Muzzleloader - $2,600: Oct: 24 - Nov. 12
Rifle hunt - $2,600 US: Nov. 14 - Dec. 3

prices do not include licences or taxes
a 40% deposit is required to hold your hunting date

Whitetail / Waterfowl Combo Hunts:
Yes a comination hunt is available.
Waterfowl Hunts: Geography tells you how good our migratory bird hunts will be.
collage of waterfowl pictures - lots of birds

Whitetail / Fishing trip:
Yes a comination whitetail hunt with fishing is available

Black Bear hunts priced at $2500 US plus license
Excellent opportunity to take a Boone & Crocket or Pope and Young bear in our 500 sq. mile territory with very little hunting pressure.

Hunting is done from comfortable stands over active pre-baited sites. Comfortable cabins or outposts for guests. Bear combos available.

Wolf can be taken on all our hunts

Our goal is to provide exceptional service, a quality hunt,
and memories to last a lifetime. We want you to go home
and tell your friends about your experience with us

Saskatchewan Outfitter #1

Trophy Hunts...

World-class fly-in fishing

quality game & service

year after year this is

what we pride our operation on.

Bird hunts: we feel you will find it hard to find a better spot in Saskatchewan then the Porcupine area. We have an extremely high population of geese and ducks. Generally we hunt geese in the morning and ducks in the afternoon.

Each hunter can take 12 geese and 12 ducks home. Ideal if you want to bring you dog along to give him a great workout collecting the birds.

Whitetail deer and black bear hunts are also available.

FANTASTIC FLY-IN FISHING Our fishing camp is located at the northern tip of Saskatchewan just 60 miles south of the Northwest Territories border.

Huge Northern Pike are plentiful and extremely aggressive
Arctic Grayling for the amateur or experienced angler in fast flowing rapids will keep you entertained for hours. They love to give you a good fight.
Walleye are plentiful as well and fishable almost any time and place we fish
Lunker Lake trout: on average we catch and release 40 to 50 trout per boat daily with sizes averaging 15 to 18 pounds but some come in at 40.

Our policy is catch and release - barbless hooks only

go here for more info on deer hunts
bear with world class fishing

ask Nolan to arrange for more information on Saskatchewan Outfitter #1

Sunset Shan-Gri-La Lodge, New Brunswick

Offering guided Black Bear, Moose and Whitetail Deer hunts in Central New Brunswick, Canada..

We are a family run business in a family type setting, with hospitality to match.

Black Bear Hunting: spring and fall
Not much more can be said about N.B. black bear that has not been said before!
They are plentiful - and BIG - it is not uncommon to get one between 400- 500 pounds.

Hunting black bears at Sunset Shan-Gri-La is one of the most exciting things that could ever happen to you. Our lodge is ideally situated with 25 bear baits in deer virgin forest, only 20-30 minutes from our lodge. Our guides are wise in the ways of the forest and success rates are high - averaging 98% - so you should be taking that bear skin home with you. Early bow season runs Sept. 10-22 in the fall and there is excellent fishing during this period. Bear hunts cost $1,500 US

Don owner/operator/guide with successful hunter

White-tail Deer Hunting: fall
New Brunswick has a bountiful number of white-tailed deer.
In our immediate area, we have an excellent herd of white-tails.

Bucks with 8-16 points and weighing 200-300 pounds are found.
The record for N.B. is 308 pounds, while our own record is 302 pounds.
Hunting is done with bow; rifle or muzzle loader.
There is an early "bow only" season for those interested. Hunt cost is $1,500 US

As you can see the ladies are successful hunters of all species with us.

Bird Hunting:
New Brunswick is located directly in the path of the annual Woodcock migration. Our lodge is located in the middle of New Brunswick. For Woodcock hunters, this is paradise. There is also excellent hunting for the speedy Grouse and an ample supply of waterfowl. Duck hunters will find Teal; Black Duck; Wood Duck; Golden-Eyes; Ring necks, Scaup and other species against which to test their hunting skills. We do not provide dogs but if you bring one, we do have a kennel.
Woodcock and Grouse seasons are Oct. 15th - Nov. 30th.
Our prices are very reasonable.

Moose Hunting: late September
For those that win the New Brunswick non-resident moose tag we can offer you an excellent moose hunt. Price is $1,800 US
Our web page has a link to enter the New Brunswick moose draw in the spring.

Combo Hunts:
Yes you can arrange to enjoy a hunt with more than one species of animal. Just contact Don and he will let you know the best dates for this type of arrangement.

Atlantic Salmon on the Miramichi:
Whether you are an avid Atlantic Salmon Fisherman, a novice wanting to learn fly casting, or a hunter wishing to try a little fishing in between hunts - this is where you should be. Both our Spring and Summer fishing packages are reasonably priced. Contact Don for full details.

Lodging and what to expect:
Shan-gri-la Lodge can accommodate 14. In the main lodge it is 9 with a more private area that 5 can enjoy. All our meals are home cooked, and we can accommodate any dietary needs or preferences.

If you would like to contact Don Lyons at Sunset Shan-Gri-La Lodge call     506.365.7956
or go to Sunset Shan-Gri-La's web site       they have a nice photo gallery on their site

or email them at

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Sask. Out. #9 Geese, ducks, Sharptails; Hungarian Partridges and fishing - great operation
Saskatchewan Out. #1 bear, deer and birds and great fishing, now a special Canadian resident hunt ( 4 whitetail hunts remain ) booked for 2005 deer hunts
Alberta Out. #1 canada geese, ducks, upland bird hunts in Central Alberta; bear; whitetail & mule deer
Manitoba Out. #5 big bodied whitetails great location for those looking to drive for geese & whitetail hunting
Manitoba Out. #9 waterfowl specialist in Manitoba, expect a great hunting experiencs
New Brunswick Out. #6 bear, grouse/woodcock, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, beaches...

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