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Welcome to the "I Hunt Canada" internet site

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Come and enjoy your CANADIAN
moose hunting trip

like YOU have always dreamed it!!!

to say there are some big moose is an understatement.

You can also combine it with some trophy fishing
or even a caribou, bear or deer hunt.
Canada has it all!


Hunting and Fishing in Canada is all about peace and serenity,
not bumping into other outdoors people at every turn.


nice Saskatchewan moose

I Hunt Canada's Top Moose Hunting Company Listings

Moose Hunting In Newfoundland and Quebec

Saskatchewan Out. #3, ( moose, bear, wolf, fishing )

World Class Big Game Hunting and Fishing in Western Canada.

If you want to experience excellent big game hunting and fishing at its finest in some of the most remote and beautiful areas in the Saskatchewan wilderness, this is the location for you. Our specialty is trophy hunts for moose.

Moose with racks over 50" are not uncommon. We access these remote locations with float planes. This ensures the hunting pressure is at a minimum. Often hunters with us are able to bag their moose in the first couple of days of hunting. They can enjoy some excellent fishing in the lakes nearby for pike and walleye.

Moose Hunting - 9 full day hunts $7500.00 US ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Wilderness moose hunts in Northern Saskatchewan and Alberta. These areas consist of low willow flats, rivers and several small lakes which make up prime moose habitat. From your wilderness tent camp, each day your guide will take you along the water's edge in a large canoe where he can call to the rutting bulls. Our hunts take place during the rut which normally statrts near the middle of September and runs until the 2nd week of October.Once a bull bull responds to the guide's call and starts to come, you will experience a thrill of a lifetime as these bulls can be unpredictable as they approach. We can add a bear or a wolf to the Alberta hunts.

For your reference our Alberta hunts fly out of Fort McMurray, Ab and our Saskatchewan hunts out of Buffalo Narrows.

A guest in 1999 took a 58 inch moose!

Another satisfied Moose hunter

Guiding for Hunts is provided by Ken Baker who has over 29 years experience hunting moose, bear and deer with bow & arrow, and has an excellent success rate guiding. The #2 World Record Canadian Moose (Pope & Young records) was called within 7 steps of successful bow hunter Fred Gimble by Ken in 1994. References are available.

BC Outfitter #2 N. British Columbia

Guided Trophy Hunts:
we offer rifle and archery hunts
professional experienced guides
ideal location in Central B.C.

Limited number of guests to ensure you have a quality experience

Canada Moose hunts
2 cow per bull on our moose

Black Bear hunts
large population of mature bear some up to 7.5 feet and can weigh 500 pounds.
Nice color phase as well (15-20%).
2 bear limit per hunter.

Mule Deet hunts

Mountain Lion ( cougar ) & Lynx hunts
Very healthy populations provide ample opportunity for success. Hunted in the winter months where you track thme through the snow. We use hounds to assist us with your hunt. This is considered a less traditional hunt and "arguably the most exotic and coveted trophy hunt North America has to offer" Have some fun this winter and come hunt these predator cats with us.

All of our hunts are spot and stalk and depending on conditions are done either with horses, on foot or by 4x4. The area is closed to ATV's which makes it beneficial for hunting otherwise unhunted game. The area offers numerous creeks, rivers, lakes and an abundance of game.

N. British Columbia, BC Outfitter #1,

We believe we offer some of the best hunting and touring trips available in British Columbia. Offering hunting options for: Moose; Black Bear; Caribou; Wolf; Lynx; Upland Game (pheasant, grouse etc) and Migratory Birds (geese & ducks). Deer and Wolf tags are available as add-on tags to core hunts.

In a still remote part of British Columbia, 100 miles west of Quesnel, the Itcha Mountains rise up from the interior plateau. Throughout this vast alpine-like area roam moose, caribou, mule deer, grizzlies and black bear. Rainbow trout abopund in many lakes and streams. Scenic photography is unlimited in this picturesque setting. For the time of your life, "Come see us!"

Black Bear
Our spring Black bear hunts take place out of our Ranch Headquarters. Our hunters have access to all our facilities. Over the past five years our success rate has been 100%. This 5 day hunt almost always leaves the hunter ample time to also enjoy trout fishing on the river that flows through the Ranch. These are fair chase hunts.

Moose hunts:

The core of our business has always been centered around quality moose hunts. We operate five main camps. Depending on one's physical condition or limitations, our camps can accommodate a wide variety of clientele. 75% of our clients are repeat customers. We guide in an area with great success rates. We have 25 years guiding experience.

Mountain Caribou
Our caribou hunts take place in our most remote camps, high up in the Bazeko Plateau, at the floor of the Itcha Mountain Range, amidst breathtaking scenery. Thess spectacular Caribou make a truly once-in-a-lifetime trophy. Our success rate is 95% over the past three years.

Bird hunts
more details to follow

Saskatchewan Outfitter #1, ( bear, moose, whitetails and ducks )

New First Nations outfitter offering whitetail and bear hunts near Cumberland House (NE) Saskatchewan. Hunting area is not far from Manitoba with very little hunting pressure. (about a 5 hour drive from Saskatoon) Robert has been guiding guests for close to 40 years.

Whitetail deer hunts $2800 US
main deer season is Nov.; we also can offer a deer hunt on Native land in Dec.
Expect to hunt deer in the 145 - 155 range. Certainly there are bigger deer in the area. picture is of a 184, also a 168 typical taken and a 178 non-typical taken.
We offer 6 day deer hunts. We have been guiding duck hunters for a number of years. With the deer population in the area we felt we could offer a quality hunt to those people looking for a new experience in our region. We can offer deer hunts from Sept. - Dec. Early season hunts are archey or muzzleloader only.

Black bear hunts     Great color phase( black, cinnamon, and blonde). Spring and fall bear hunts offered. Bears can range from 150-600 pounds so the big ones are around.
A bear / duck hunt can be offered in late Aug-Sept. period. Great fishing can also be added to our bear hunts.

picture of a nice bear taken

Moose hunts early October $4500 US
60 inch antler spreads are not uncommon.

Combo hunts
Moose and bear; deer and bear; as well as bear with excellent duck hunts can all be arranged in the fall

Fishing is included with all our hunts as long as the weather is good. This outfitter has asked that everyone contact Nolan to assist you in planning a hunting trip with him. He has email now but preferes to speak with people.

Robert promises you 100% effort on our part to provide you with you with a great hunting experience.

Our guests stay in hand crafted log cabins. We can handle up to 14 guests. Outpost camp is located in a quiet location that is a 30 minute boat ride from the historic Village of Cumberland House, situated on the richest inland Delta of Canada.
Home style cooked meals and full maid service are included with your hunting package.

picture of our cabins
This outfitter does not have e-mail so he will have to call you to let you know about all his hunting options

NW Alberta, AB Outfitter #2, ( deer {mule & whitetail}; bear; elk; moose, )

This Alberta Outfitters' area is a Big Game Hunters Paradise even for the not so physically fit hunter. We have massive trophy mule deer, loads of big Black Bears, an unbelievable number of Moose, huge Canadian Whitetails and exciting rut Elk hunts. Our priority is to sell hunts honestly and to deliver on what we promise.

Whitetail Deer rifle hunts:
Excellent chance to kill a massive 150 to 170+ buck .

Well scouted stand sites in both private agricultural land and public forest areas.
A small, generally 4 hunters max, personalized camp that only hunts the peak rut times.
Our region has bucks that are huge in horn size and body size.
cost is $4,800 US 6 day hunt; $5,800 US 9 day hunt

Mule Deer 6 day rifle hunts:
Excellent chance to kill a massive 170 to 200+ buck

Alberta is one of the premiere spots in North America for big mule deer and
we feel the Peace Country is the best location in Alberta.
cost is $8,500 US + $500 on 180+ deer rifle hunt; $6,500 US archery hunt

Black bear 6 day Spring bow or rifle hunts:
Alberta offers hunters the option to take 2 bears.
Bait sites where 7 foot bears are taken each year.
Some bears weigh up to 500 pounds.
25% color phase.
Max of 4 hunters per week.
We have hunted this area since 1992 with proven success rates with many record book bears.
Wolf tags are included with bear hunts.
cost is $4,400 US

Moose hunts:
Excellent chance (90-100%) to shoot a 35-45 inch moose.
We do have bigger moose just they are not as common.
We have a very high population of moose, it is not uncommon to see 30 moose in a day.
A physically easy hunt, no swamps to wade through, or rivers to navigate or horses to ride.
We take both bow and rifle hunters for moose. Mix of calling, spot and stalk and tree stand hunting is used.
cost is $5,000 US

Elk 7 day rifle hunts late Sept.:
Hunt the elk calling season with your rifle of bow. Our area is a perfect habitat area with good elk population. Physically an easy hunt. Tree stands over waterholes and natural salt licks for bowhunting. We have only 4 bow tags (usually combined with a moose hunt) and 2 rifle tags.
cost is $5,500 US

Combo hunts:
We offer the following combo hunts:
Whitetail deer and moose (rifle) early Nov. a 9 day hunt $9000 US

Mule deer and Whitetail (rifle) late Nov 9 day hunt is $12,000 US
Elk and moose combo bow hunt late August early Sept. 9 day hunt $5500 US

Our packages are all inclusive from the time we pick you up at your hotel. They include all taxes; licenses; meals and accom. while you are hunting.

Alberta Outfitter #10,

elk hunting alberta

One of the largest outfitting operations in Alberta.

We offer big game outfitting and guiding service for non-residents of Alberta. Our range of hunts and prices offer the best variety and best value in Alberta.

We have the experience and ability to customize an Alberta hunt according to your specific desires and expectations. We know what we are doing and get results. Due to our size, we are able to offer more flexibility in time, location,, terrain, and hunting style than any other outfitter in Alberta.

All of our camps are small and intimate with usually only two to four hunters and their guide(s) and cook in camp. We do not operate out of a lodge. Our many individual camps offer us to provide hunts where the anilmals are located, not necessarily where it is more convenient, or more financially advantageous, for us. We feel this offers our hunters a superior hunting experience. Our accommodations vary from large outfitter tents in our more remote camps through heated motorhomes/travel trailers, B&B's; ranch houses and cottages on rivers to hotels/motels in small towns and villages.

Transportation is typically 4x4's and hiking but can include horseback; ATV's; jet boats; and even snowmobiles, if necessary. Our scouting, hard work and experience, combined with serious hunters, produce results.

We have meat-processing services available throughout our hunting territories and excellent taxidermy services are available in Calgary. Pick up of your meat and head/cape from camp is included in our hunt price.

Consistent with our size and prominence in the Alberta outfitting industry, we are extremely proud of our reputation for honesty, integrity, good value and hunter success. We can provide any number of references as required. We provide hunting experiences in well over 25,000 square kilometers of Alberta hunting territory in 31 different Wildlife Management Units. As a result, we can provide hunts in a wide variety of habitat and terrain.

elk hunting Canada alberta hunt Elk (43 hunts) are without a doubt the most majestic animal in the North America big game deer family and Alberta offers some of the finest elk hunting available. You will hunt for elk on the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies and in the rolling foothill regions of SW and the more rugged foothills NW of Calgary. We offer both archery and rifle hunts. Bow hunts start in Sept. when the bulls are usually in rut, and run through to the middle of Oct. before the rifle season opens.

Moose (53 hunts) Our premium moose hunts take place in the coniferous forests and willow muskegs of west-central Alberta, in the foothills of the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The more southern WMUs (412 & 414) actually border on spectacular Banff National Park with its incredible scenery. Our moose hunts are conducted over hundreds of square miles of rich wilderness habitat supported by a well-managed and moisture-abundant regional biology. Western Canadian Moose populations flourish in these areas, as ample food, water and forest cover offer this large, and often solitary, species a peaceful and bountiful habitat in which to dwell and mate. Average bull moose racks range from 30" - 45", with body weights upward of 1,000 pounds. Although, as is our policy, we do not oversell or embellish our hunt offerings, we state that we would hope to show our hunting guests 30" to 45" moose, most years a couple of our hunters are fortunate enough to take a moose with a rack in excess of 50".

deer hunting alberta Whitetail deer (145 hunts) Alberta has developed the well deserved reputation of being the premier destination of choice for hunters looking to a quality whitetail hunt.
On average hunters should expect to see 130+ class whitetail during their hunt. Many hunters report seeing in excess of 30 whitetail during their hunt and, depending on the location and style of hunt, usually see several "keepers". We want you to to get that "big one" as much as you do, and often many of our hunters are fortunate enough to harvest serious whitetails.

Mule deer (235 hunts) Our official position is that we expect to show our hunters minimum 140 class mule deer or larger. Yes, we do get larger muleys as witnessed by our 4-year average of 160 B&C average score for our mule deer. However, we do not want to in any way mislead any hunter into thinking that he simply has to book a hunt and turn up and that there is then every likelihood that he should have an opportunity at a 190+ class mule deer. We assure you that we have had hunters who, in spite of many communications, hear what they want to hear and not what we have really said. It is extremely important that every hunter is realistic. We want to get the big one just like every hunter. There is no doubt that we have the best mule deer hunting areas and very experienced guides. These are the criteria that typically ensure a successful hunt.

wolf coyote hunting Canada alberta Wolf and Coyote hunts are complementary on all our rifle hunts.
Coyotes are quite large and very plentiful in Alberta. Fall coyotes have their new winter fur that is usually in excellent condition.

Wolves are abundant in many areas of Alberta, however they are much more difficult to see. Our wolves are large and incredibly beautiful. We offer stand-alone wolf hunts during the winter months when wolves are more mobile and generally easier to spot.

We offer both archery and rifle hunts on all our species.

SE. British Columbia, BC Outfitter #4,

Offering hunting options for: Elk; Moose; Grizzly and Black bear; Whitetail & Mule Deer; Mountain Goat; Cougar in Southeast British Columbia in the Kootenay region.

We are the exclusive outfitter in a territory encompassing approx. 600 sq. miles of pristine mountain terrain. Game species are hunted by horseback from 3 log cabins and 6 wall tent spike camps. A signigicant area of our territory is in a restricted non-motorized part of the Purcell Wilderness Conservancy. We restrict our hunts to a max. 6 guests at a time.

Rocky Mountain Elk (our specialty) 8 day hunts, 1:1 guiding
Rutting, bugling, charging elk are hunted from Sept. 1 - mid Oct. Late season migrating elk are hunted until Oct. 20. We take care to manage our territory ensuring abundant quality bulls for the future. Elk are hunted from horseback in remote alpine basins, avalanche slides, and sprice parkland.

The 5 years of antler restrictions (6 pts) and no cow/calf harvest is paying dividends in both numbers and trophy quality. We have more 6 x 6 elk than hunters.

check out this elk from 2005

what is your opinion of this one? - 170k picture - give it time to download

Rocky Mountain Goat
We target "big" mature billies. We only harvest 1 or 2 goats per year. Hunters with the will and desire can be rewarded with Boone and Crockett class trophies. Goats season is Sept. - end of Nov. in high mountain basins. Sept. 9 - Nov 15. Priced at $7,900 US add an elk for $1,750     2005 goat

Black Bear
Black bears are hunted during both spring and fall seasons. Join us for some of the most fun hunting possible during our spring black bera hunts. Blacks are spotted in similar habitat to grizzlies during spring. Spring days spent viewing 10 plus bears are noy uncommon. Spring bear hunting days are warm and long. We have numerous color phases of blacks including cinnamon, blonde, chocolate, and black with white. We target big mature boars in the 6 foot plus range. Black bears are included on most of our fall hunts, and are often harvested on slides and in huckleberry patches. Black bear hunting success runs near 100%. Consider our black bear - rainbow trout package. The rainbows can run up to 20 pounds. Prices start at $3000 for 1 bear. A second bear can be added. Mule deer can be added to fall hunts for $950.Father/youth hunt 2 bears $4,950 US.

check out this Kootenay Lake rainbow - 57k picture

Grizzly Bear
Spring grizzly hunting - adrenaline rushing, heart pounding excitement. Grizzles are spotted and stalked to within range for our hunters. Typically the big boars are found frequenting lush green avalanche slide chutes and riparian areas. We harvest only 1 grizzly per year and boast excellent success on big boars. This hunts takes place between May 10 and June 5. Book early as these sell fast.

Mule Deer
Big mulie bucks are hunted from Sept. 1 to Nov. 15. Mule deer are included with our elk, goat, and moose hunts. We also offer mule deer/black bear combos hunts as well as Mule/whitetail hunts in Nov. The big bucks typically are found near to where the goats are. Late season hunts in the snow and during the rut are challenging and thrilling. We only harvest 4 point + mule bucks, ensuring continued trophy class animals. The deer population in our area is the best it has been in years with some real nice deer spotted each fall.

Late season Rut Mule and Whitetail Deer
Top quality hunts. Good bucks are taken as the migration of deer with snow combines to make this a top quality hunt. The hunt is from base with a 4x4 and walking. Another deer can be added. November deer combos can be booked for as low as $3500 US.

Shiras Moose
2004 and 2005 guests have taken some really nice moose including ones over 50 inches. Priced at $7,500 US elk can be added for $1,750. Oct. 24 - Nov 5 rifle. Sept. 20-Oct 10 archery.

check out this Shiras moose

Cougar - Mountain Lion
are hunted from Dec. - mid Jan.. Professional houndsmen and their experienced cougar hounds pursue the big cats across the elk and deer winter ranges in our territory. Fresh snow, big lion tracks, and baying hounds; what could be better then that? Bobcat, Lynx and wolf can be taken as well on this hunt.

Newfoundland Out. #2,

Trophy Woodland Caribou in Newfoundland

Woodland Caribou densities in our area are some of the highest recorded in Newfoundland. In our hunting are we operate from a main lodge and outlying camps. Success rates are near 100% but we hunt for a trophy. To do so, it is necessary to view a number of animals and if we do not see a trophy animal in one area we move to another in consultation with the guest

It is not unusual to size up a large number of animals in a week's hunt. We hunt the most productive areas of the Middle Ridge Herd (14,000 animals) which has larger antlers than most other caribou herds - actually, most Boone and Crockett woodland caribou records (in the top 10) have come from our area. Over the past few years we have taken a number of Boone and Crockett records (our president is a B & C Official Measurer). Due to Government restrictions we offer less than 20 caribou hunts per year.

Caribou only or Caribou/Moose/bear combo hunts available License included. Contact Nolan for all info

Moose hunts are offered in the fall. Our fully qualified guides are at your service to assist you have an enjoyable hunt. We hunt around the Gander River area. Generally we have 90% opportunity on moose.

We hunt along the banks of the river; along the ridges of timber; or use old woods roads.

Black Bear hunts are stumble on hunts and are available in the Fall as an add on to the caribou or moose hunt. We have one of the highest black bear densities in Nfld., Some bears can weigh in excess of 600 pounds. A bear hunt can be added to caribou or moose for $500.

We hunt in Central Newfoundland away from settlement. The country is pristine wilderness ( accessed by aircraft ), that is primarily open maritime barrens with scattered forest lands and ideal for hunting from a stationary position or spot and stalk. Our clients are the only hunters in the area

Airport pickup at Gander International Airport ( or St. John's airport if preferred) can be arranged. There are a number flights daily into Gander through eastern North American Airports. There are also options to come by ferry and drive to Gander (spectacular).

Hunting Dates: Caribou, moose and black bear hunting seasons run from mid September through to early December. We usually book parties for a week - Sunday to Saturday but we are flexible and can tailor to individual needs. Bow hunting only starts Sept. 1

We can offer a spike tent caribou hunt for those of you who would like to be more adventurous. The float plane will drop us off in a remote area and we will sleep in a tent and cook out of propane stoves

* Note: This company specializes in Trophy Woodland Caribou Hunts. We do have caribou and moose or a combo of both if you like.

Above all, we attempt to give our clients the best and most enjoyable hunt and wilderness experience obtainable.

a successful woodland caribou hunter (give it some time to download as it is a large picture)
woodland caribou wandering in Newfoundland (give it some time to download as it is a large picture)

A 94k map of Canada for your reference

I Hunt Canada tiny-flag.gif
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Saskatchewan Out. #3, moose, bear, wolf & fishing
British Columbia Out #2 Big black bears ( some color phase); trophy moose; mule deer; cougar; lynx, great hunting location with respected guides
British Columbia Outfitter #4 elk, moose, whitetail, mule, black bears, grizzly, cougar, ... excellent trout fishing
British Columbia Outfitter #1 moose, black bears, mountain caribou, wolf, lynx,
British Columbia Outfitter #6 grizzly; coastal and in-land black bears, moose; elk; goat; wolf, lynx, wolverine; deer; great fishing as well.
Alberta Out. #7 excellent moose hunts; black bear; archery and rifle hunts
NW Alberta Out. #2 monster mule deer; huge whitetail; moose; elk; bear black hunts;
Alberta Out. #10 Albert'a largest outfitter; elk; moose; whitetails & mule deer; wolf; and coyote hunts;
Saskatchewan Out. #11 remote Sask. native owned operation; deer; moose; bear; ducks
Newfoundland Out. #2 woodland caribou, moose and bear

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