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Come and enjoy your CANADIAN
moose hunting trip

like YOU have always dreamed it!!!

to say there are some big moose is an understatement.

You can also combine it with some trophy fishing, a bear hunt,
or even with Caribou in Eastern Canada

Canada has it all.


Hunting and Fishing in Canada is all about peace and serenity,
not bumping into other outdoors people at every turn.


nice Saskatchewan moose

Moose Hunting Outfitters in Eastern Canada
ideal for guests from PA; NJ; NC; ... limited caribou combos
buthunt.gif - 1.2 K Moose Hunting Outfitters in Western Canada
great combos with bear; & elk; big moose
buthunt.gif - 1.2 K Caribou Specialists
buthunt.gif - 1.2 K Bear Specialists: spring and fall
buthunt.gif - 1.2 K Deer Specialists
buthunt.gif - 1.2 K Elk Specialists
- 1.2 K Companies offering quality fishing throughout Canada
pike; walleye; salmon; halibut; trout; bass...


A 94k map of Canada for your reference

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Come experience what Canada has to offer!
the air is fresh with lots of wide open territory to explore in a safe enviroment

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