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100%   guaranteed elk; deer and bison hunts on some of Canada's top hunting preserve big game ranches. These outfitters can ensure that you will bag that trophy animal you have always wanted. Reasonable prices; great hunting experiences about all one can ask for.

A 2010, 2011 or 2012 guaranteed hunt ( deer; elk; bison ) can still be booked....

This page highlights Canadian big game preserve hunts available in Western Canada.

( confined enclosure preserve trophy hunts with 100% guaranteed success )

Elk, Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer,
Wild Boar, Bison, Wolf
for your biggest thrill combine species on your hunt!

elk fighting pic

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Sask. Outfitter #13

Hunt whitetail deer; elk; bison; wild boars; migratory birds; coyote; and gophers.

Our hunting preserve is located in NW Saskatchewan approx 1 hour from Saskatoon. We pick you up.

We offer a beautiful diverse area for your high-fenced in hunt with us. Our specialty is Whitetail deer.

You will hunt on private land offering exceptional hunting conditions with an abundance of natural habitat which has a fantastic wildlife population. We will assure you a most enjoyable and successful hunting experience.

We offer hunts from September through February. Hunting is conducted on two preserves, which are 130 acres and 300 acres. The hunts will run two or three days, giving you an excellent opportunity to bag a real trophy. Species available for hunting are: whitetail deer; elk; big horn sheep; wild boars bison; migratory birds; coyote; and gophers. Hunting is done from tree stands, ground blinds, ATVs, or vechicles depending on the hunters demands or abilities.

We offer archery, black powder, and rifle hunts. Guests will fly into Saskatoon Saskatchewan where we will pick you up. We also offer some excellent walleye fishing once you have succeeded with your hunt.

Prices in US dollars:

Whitetail deer             Elk Hunts               Buffalo Hunts
140 - 155 $ 3200280 - 320$ 30001 or 2 yrs$ 1500
155 - 170 $ 5000 320 - 350$ 40003yr - 6yr$ 2500
170 - 180 $ 7500350 - 370$ 6000Mature$ 4000
180 - 190 $ 10,000 370 - 390$ 8000
190 + $ neg.390 - 410$11,000
preserve hunt 

bison hunt

We had a great complement from a guest in 2003. He loved how tough the terrian was. He said "it was just like a true stalk deer hunt"

Nice elk taken
Check out the terrain you will hunt on! large 225k picture so give it time to download

Sask. Outfitter #15

A unique experience awaits you in Saskatchewan, world renowned for our trophy whitetail deer and elk. We offer quality bow and rifle hunts from early August to mid December.

The Harvest Preserve boasts naturally treed areas and open grasslands. The surrounding lakes and ravines provide an excellent setting for numerous wildlife speicies including trophy whitetails. The unspoiled beauty and natural terrain is an important element of your experience with us.

Your host has been an outfitter for many years and he has developed a strong understanding and appreciation of ensuring you have a memorable experience that will create a lasting impression and friendship.

Included in our pricing for a normal three day hunt are:

Prices are in US Dollars
Trophy Whitetail Bucks Trophy Bull Elk
135" - 150" $3,000.00 300" - 330" $3,500.00
150" - 160" $4,000.00 330" - 350" $4,500.00
160" - 170" $5,000.00 350" - 370" $5,500.00
170" - 180" $6,500.00 370" - 390" $7,500.00
180" - 190" $9,000.00 390" - 400" $9,500.00
190" - 200" $11,000.00 400"+ upon request
200"+ upon request  
Canadian Western Bison - $4000.00
***135" - 150" - Whitetail Buck - Combination Price $2500.00***

We also provide fall black bear and waterfowl hunts and combination pricing packages are available upon request. Our objective is to tailor your hunt to meet your individual requirements. We guarantee a quality hunt.

Deer pictures:
whitetail group of 4 hunters

In 2004 a guest harvested a nice 419 scored elk, we do have more over 400

Elk pictures:
Check out this 419 elk     397 elk    390 bow hunter

Sask. Outfitter #12 whitetail deer 
hunting preserve

One of Saskatchewan's top hunting preserves specializing in whitetail in the 170 + category.

We turn out only the biggest in to the preserve... no guessing... no disappointment to you.

We strive for a high quality experience with the reward of a huge trophy animal. Your complete satisfaction and success is our goal.

First class operation with 5 star feeling
Country friendly atmosphere
Extraordinary service
Trophy Animals.

Tell us about your dream hunt and we will put together a package for an experience of a lifetime!

elk hunting preserve

Trophy preserve Bull Elk
Huge Bison
Free range guided Trophy Whitetail
Free range guided black bear
Spectacular Goose and duck hunting

Want more.............
Sightseeing; Fishing; Elk calling; Golfing; Horse back riding; Shed antler hunting

and more........
Great package discounts for youth hunters and non-hunting companions

Contact us for complete package highlights

Click on Sask. Outfitter #12 below

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Information Request Order Form

We can have the information sent to you so you can
book directly with your chosen company. This is a free service saving these
outfitters time & money to attract new clients on this internet page

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Saskatchewan Out. #13 exceptionally value-priced high fenced hunts for * whitetail deer *, elk, boars, bison,
also offer hunts for migratory birds and gophers. (high fenced hunts)
Saskatchewan Out. #12 170 + whitetails; elk and bison    (high fenced hunts)
Saskatchewan Out. #15 exceptionally value-priced high fenced hunts for * whitetail deer *, elk, & bison. (high fenced hunts)

Comments or requests most helpful:

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Name; Phone Number and e-mail contact information

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Call our hunting consultant Nolan Novik 306.585.3236

Talk to our hunting specialist:

Often it is easier to figure out exactly which outfitter is the best fit for your plans. Give our hunting specialist Nolan Novik a call and he will ensure you find the best hunt available both for your budget and type of hunt you seek. Call him at 306.585.3236

But we do feel it is a good idea to look over the highlights listed for each outfitter on the page of the species you want to hunt. Fill out the form and then if you like give Nolan a call.

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A 94k map of Canada for your reference


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