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Have you always wanted to hunt caribou in the winter?
Labrador Newfoundland is the place!

We have compiled one of the most extensive internet pages
highlighting some of the best Outfitters
offering Caribou Hunting in Canada.

Winter caribou hunts can be both rewarding and exciting.
Hunting from snowmobiles is an adrenaline rush in itself.
Winter hunts are also the most affordable caribou hunts you will find. Generally 3 day hunts so you get in get your caribou and go home happy!

Now is the time to plan your 2013, 2014, 2015 winter caribou hunt ( January - April ). . .

Canada Winter Caribou Hunting Outfitters

Labrador Adventures & Outfitting, Labrador Newfoundland

Great Hunting Territory

Hunt the Quebec/Labrador George River Herd

Each year around mid-November the Labrador West area has an invasion of Caribou that migrate to this area for their winter-feeding grounds. The George River caribou herd is the largest caribou herd in the world and it is an unforgettable site to see thousands of caribou migrating at the same time.

During the months of November and December it is a good opportunity to get a large rack. The hunting is done mostly on foot and/or by using a vehicle to intercept this migration of caribou. Snowmobilies are used for tansporting your animal back to your vehicles. late fall hunting packages available:

* - 3 day early winter package is $1,499 US - two caribou. includes licenses and tags, guides, export permits, meals, accommodations as well as taxes.

Starting Jan. 1 hunters travel by snowmobile in search of these animals. If you have never used a snowmobile for hunting then you are missing out on a truly once in a lifetime experience. We will do everything possible to make your trip a successful and enjoyable one. Non-resident hunters are entitled to 2 caribou per license. * - 3 day package for $1,499 US.

Your host Edward Burke has been hunting caribou for over 25 years by snowmobile in this region. Labrador Adventures offers winter hunts allowing 6 guests per week to come and enjoy this experience.

Year to year there seems to more caribou then ever. Some still have some excellent racks. Our success is your success and our guides will do everything to assist you in obtaining your trophy.

Also available: small game hunting ( Ptarmigan & spruce grouse ) and ice fishing in season, these are available for just the cost of the license. Come enjoy some of ourworld renowned Labrador Hospitality.

caribou herd on the move
another great shot of the caribou herd

Spring and Fall Black Bear hunts
Labrador has an abundance of big black bears and each spring these bruins exit their dens in search of food. We have active baits that are visited regularly. Priced at $1799 US. A second bear can be harvested for $500.
Hunts offered May - July; and Sept - Nov.
We restrict our group size to only 4 hunters.

Our hunts are based out of Wabash (Labrador City) which can be reached by air; train or driving.

Contact Edward directly at 709.282.5369
Let Edward know you found him on the Travel 2 Canada web site

or here is a direct link to his web site

E-Mail Labrador Adventures & Outfitting Ltd.

Northern Lights Lodge Labrador, Nfld.

No Hunt like a Winter Caribou hunt

We have been in the outfitting business since 1989 offering hunting, fishing and more recently snowmobiling packages. Our lodge is nestled away in the interior of Labrador approx. 100 air miles from Labrador City. The Lodge is accessible by floatplane or boat during the summer, and by snowmobile during the winter.

Facilities include a main Lodge, 3 Guest Cabins ( 4 guests/cabin ). 2 guide cabins, and a shower building. Guests cabins are equipped with running water, toilets, electricty and a wood stove.

We hunt animals from the George River Herd,

which is estimated to number in excess of 750,000 caribou

making it the largest herd of migrating caribou in the world.

Winter Caribou Hunts run from Nov - April

The Winter Caribou Hunt has become our most popular hunt due to:

Check out this nice caribou taken on a winter hunt     266 k picture

Winter Caribou Hunting Package includes:

Fantastic Fishing Options

Our prime location in the heart of Labrador offers great fishing options. The scale and volume of the waters surronding the fishing lodge attribute to trophy size fish in their respective classes. Species we fish include: Brook Trout; Lake Trout; Land Locked Salmon; Northern Pike; and Whitefish. This wide variety of fish will ensure you have an enjoyable trip.

Visit our web site at       e-mail Northern Lights Lodge - Jim or Julie

Better yet call Northern Lights Fishing Lodge right now at 709.944.7475

Now many of you are actual looking for a summer or early fall hunt for caribou.
Please click here to go to our main summer & fall caribou hunting page.

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Come experience what Canada has to offer!
the air is fresh with lots of wide open territory to explore in a safe enviroment

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