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check out this monster taken from a
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Highlighting Caribou Hunting in Canada

Caribou hunts are available with top outfitters throughout Canada

We are part of the " Travel 2 Canada " web site

WELCOME     caribou hunt     BIENVENUE

Have you always wanted go on a caribou hunt?
Northern Canada is the place!

caribou hunt
We have compiled one of the most extensive internet pages
highlighting some of the " best outfitters "
offering Caribou Hunting in Canada.
Do not be surprised by the "big" turnstile operations not on the site.

Other species can be found on other I Hunt Canada pages - see list below

Choices of Top Reputable Caribou Outfitters

canada hunting

  We offer you choices when it comes to choosing a reputable caribou outfitter. No matter what some of the big operations try to tell you there is NO one outfitter that can fill the desires of everyone.

Choose an outfitter that fits your needs and desires, not one that you have to squeeze into their particular offerings. There are some operations out there you are best to avoid. Ask all caribou outfitters you are considering if they are listed on our exclusive site with the "best of the best" caribou operations.

If hunting and fishing are a big part of your life I suggest you bookmark this page now! Just to make it easier to find us again and again.

Now is the time to confirm your hunting dates for 2015, 2016 or 2017 . . . We not only give you choices between top outfitters in one region but provide choices to all the better regions for caribou hunts in Canada with reputable outfitters....

caribou hunts      Talk to our caribou specialist       caribou 

I Hunt Canada is now offering you the option to talk directly to our caribou hunting consultant Nolan Novik at 306.585.3236   or email him  

We will ensure you obtain the information that best suits your vacation plans not just plans that fits into any one operation trying to sell you their package.
So take a few minutes and look over the great outfitters featured, fill out our form and provide lots of comments to assist us in finding you your next great hunt!

caribou hunt picture image Canada raindeer

Our Top Caribou Hunting Company Listings

caribou hunting canada                   caribou hunt canada quebec

Quebec Outfitter #3, N. Quebec

A second generation, family owned, world class caribou outfitter with very competitive rates and a reputation of outstanding service. I Hunt Canada is proud to now offer you direct contact with this operation. This outfitter has very recently acquired the outfitting licenses, assets, and camps (territories), of both Luco and Caribou adventures. The sure sign of a first class caribou operation is the ability to adapt and overcome. This operation has done just that by diversifying its operations offering hunting in all regions of Northern Quebec, both below and above the 57th  North.

Charlie Putt's B&C scored 400 3/8

No one knows Northern Quebec better then us. We have over 50 years of guiding and outfitting experience offering hunting in over 50 territories. Our success is second to none. We have averaged 90% on 2 caribou,( offering only fair chase hunts), since we incorporated in 1986. This is an honest evaluation not one adjusted to look perfect. 80% of our clientele are repeat guests, that speaks for itself.

We operate our own private aircraft. If a move to a more productive camp will be beneficial it will be done "free of charge" without hesitation or complication. We have camps that can intercept both of Quebec's 2 main herds the Leaf River herd and the George River herd.

We take only 230 clients a year which by Quebec standards is only mid- size. Some competitors take close to 1000 and to them you are just an invoice number. We are large enough to be price competitive and small enough to get to know our clients.

We have more camps per hunter ratio than any other outfitter. There are over 10 spare camps for every operational one. That means we have more spare camps to move hunters to during changes in the migration. Plus all camps are plywood constructed not tents. Boats, motors and other equipment are in top shape: we know your success depends on it.

All Packages Available ( priced out of Montreal): include licenses and tax

1x2 Fully guided camp:

This camp is for those who want a more personal service and a little more luxury than other Camps. After an adventurous day afield with your guide it is nice to sit back and enjoy a home cooked meal by our Camp chief. Our clients have nothing but praise for the services for the services offered on this hunt. It does not get any better. Price is $8,300 per hunter. 1x1 package is $9800

1x4 semi-guided camp:

This camp provides everything you need with a little less luxury. Meals are provided. Price is $7300 00 per hunter

1x6 un guided camp with no cook:

This camp is for those who require minimal help from a guide. Meals are not provided, and these clients will be required to help in the field with their trophy. Price is $6300 US per hunter.

 This outfitter also offers a u-drive package for $4200 each.

Now we offer a Trophy hunt offered anytime throughout the season, (Aug 28-Oct 3). This hunt offers all meals, guiding, scouting, and trophy prep. This package also offers an early fly-out option from Camp after the first 6 days. Price is $11,000 US per hunter for a 1x2, and $13,000 US per hunter for a 1x1.

During these trips, you can fish, hunt for bears or small game for FREE (except for necessary license when in season).


There is also a $100 discount per hunter for groups of 4 or more, and a $200 discount per hunter for groups of 8.

Included with packages

·         bear hunting and fishing when in season

·                 flight Montreal – Lake-Pau or Schefferville return

The bitterness of poor quality remains long
after the sweetness of the price is forgotten

Click to Enlarge

Compare us to any other caribou operation we know we will come out favorable!

Quebec Outfitter #1, N. Quebec

This company offers one of the highest success rates for caribou hunts in Quebec.

When you are comparing the top caribou lodges in Quebec this one has to be on your list.

Alain began operating his own lodge in 1989. He knew what to took to offer a top quality hunt along with customer service. If there is a more respected outfitter in Quebec then Alain let us know. He has mutual respect from past clients as well as his fellow outfitter competitors.

If you are looking for the complete package of top rated service with terrific success this is the Quebec operation you have to consider.

Leaf River Hunt:

The Leaf River area of Northern Quebec provides trophy hunting that is unique and unmatched.

The really big bulls are there
and in fantastic numbers.

Why??? No hunting pressure is the main reason. This is an isolated region that presents tough challenges that many outfitters prefer to avoid. Alain and several of his top guides have hunted the Leaf and they know how to operate in this remote area. The trophy is incredible and we are confident that this will be the hunt of a lifetime.

Our main location is up on the Leaf River with over 100 miles of river to fish and hunt on. We run jet boats at two different camps, one that takes 12 hunters a week and the other 6 hunters per week. These hunts are full American plan;

1 guide for 2 hunters

$8,495 US. from Montreal, except for your licenses

Our camps offer Hot showers and bathroom
all meals are served in our dining room
there is Free Satelite communication including WiFi

The region is easy to hunt, practically no trees, mostly tundra and no big elevation. This camp always gets the caribou early in the season because of its location. Not far from the Labrador coast where caribou spend the summer. We are the first ones in line when caribou start their annual migration to the west.

Each cabin sleeps 6 guests for a total of 12. Cabins are insulated and very comfortable. Bathrooms, running water, hot showers, etc. are located at this camp. At our dining room, you will be fed like a king. Electricity is also provided with diesel generators. The equipment is top on the list and we also make sure that everything is very clean. You will get one guide for every two hunters at this camp.

Our 2nd hunting package is a semi-guided one: still 2 Caribou limit with a 1 guide to three hunters ratio priced at $7,495 US.

We also offer a late September trophy hunt with superior accommodations and a 1 guide to 2 hunter ratio for $9,495 US

We have developed a great reputation of catering to couples

and the growing market of female outdoorspeople.

packages include: taxes; ground shuttles; air transportation between Montreal and the hunting camp and return; lodging and ground transportation at Lake Pau; meals; meat boxes and packaging; transportation of meat and one split set of caribou antlers.
Licenses are not included ($364)

Hunting and Fishing Seasons:
Caribou season: August 12 - Sept 30
Black Bear & Small game seasons: August 25 - Sept 30
Hunting & Fishing season: August 1 - Sept 7

Fishing highlights
nice fish!

Where Dreams Come True!

We strive to offer the most exhilarating trophy hunts avaialable

Manitoba Out. #1, Manitoba




If there was ever a hunt to guarantee success this would be it! Come and experience your Caribou hunt of a lifetime! We hunt the Central Barren Ground Caribou in migration. Our camp is located in an area where hundreds often thousands of caribou pass on their way to their winter feeding grounds in the south. Manitoba opened caribou hunting to non-residents in 1995 and the results are truly a world-class hunt. The province licenses only 500 hunters a year, resident and non-resident.

The Qamanirjuaq herd now numbers 500,000 animals. They spend their summers in the barren grounds of Nunavut, calving at Qamanirjuaq Lake, then migrating down late every summer, spending their winter in Manitoba's Northern Forests.
There are many animals in the Boone & Crocket category as well as Pope & Young taken each year. Expect average scores of around 330. In recent years, some of Manitoba's top Barren Ground Caribou were taken at our camp. This is an excellent opportunity for a trophy animal. Our camp is located 3 miles south of the Manitoba / Nunavut border. This is an excellent area for bow hunters with small stands of spruce and dwarf birch for cover. We hunt for caribou mainly by boat, foot or "hunting blinds" on their migration trails. While hunting can be done in as little as a mile from camp you should expect to do a fair amount of walking. There are boats available for those who want to cover more area.

BONUS! Just a few yards from the camp, the avid Sportsman can indulge in some phenomenal fishing for Lake Trout and Arctic grayling and/or hunt for Wolf or Ptarmigan (upland game birds). While limiting our camp to 6 hunters per hunt, we are guaranteeing that you receive the utmost personalized hunting experience. We offer a ratio of 1 guide per 2 hunters and have the outstanding success rate of almost 100%.


Dates of our 4 - five day hunts - $7,195:

August 31 ̢‰ September 5

September 5 ̢‰ 10

September 10 -15

September 15 -20

Moose hunts $8,195

September 20-29 Combo hunts ( Caribou & Moose $10,995 )


Our caribou hunts were once again 100% with some exceptional bulls taken. The caribou migration started out very steady, despite the warmer weather. It did slow down for a few days during our second hunt, however when the weather turned and got colder, we experienced a migration like never before. Thousands of caribou started coming through on their migration south. Our hunters were privileged to have had this special experience.


Arctic Out. #2


"Quality Big Game Hunting in the Canadian Arctic"

Specializing in Trophy Central Barren Ground Caribou hunting

Featuring comfortable permanent camps for when the caribou cooperate, and mobile tented camps, for when they don't. We place a priority on trophy bulls and high hunter success rates. Float plane access to thousands of square miles of unhunted Nunavut wilderness. We hunt the 500,000 strong Qamanirjuaq caribou herd. 

Our permanent camps are comfortable with diesel or propane heat, running water, showers, home cooked meals, satellite phones and knowledgeable Inuit guides that know the animals and the land. 

Our 5-day hunts are based on a maximum of  8 hunters. 
$7,495 plus $1050 charter fees plus licenses, tags and GST

2015 Hunt Dates:  Aug 30 to Sept 5; Sept 5 to 11, Sept 11 to 17; 

Hunt Features:

  • Services of our experienced Inuit guides; 2 hunters per guide
  • Preparation of trophies & packing material for meat & antlers
  • Delicious home cooked meals
  • Comfortable accommodations at our camps and outposts
  • washrooms and shower facilities
  • Friendly owner, operator service
  • Fishing for Lake Trout, northern pike, Arctic grayling
  • (fishing not available at all hunting camps). 
  • Hunting opportunities for Wolf and Wolverine

Hunt does not include:

  • Airfare to and from Churchill, air-charter to camp & outposts
  • Lodging & meals in Churchill and/or a southern stopover 
  • Government licenses & trophy fees, shipping of trophies
  • Gratuities to guides;
  • Items of a personal nature, including sleeping bags, excess baggage charges, any costs incurred by delays due to bad weather or mechanical problems. 

Deposits & Payments: 

Deposit: A  NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required within 10 days of your reservation. 

2nd Payment: A second payment of equal value is due the February 1st prior to your trip.

Final Payment: Final payments are due 90 days prior to your trip start date.

Full payment must accompany any reservation made less than 90 days to trip start date.


Please use the form at the bottom of the page to inquire.

Newfoundland Out. #2,

Trophy Woodland Caribou in Newfoundland

Woodland Caribou densities in our area are some of the highest recorded in Newfoundland. In our hunting are we operate from a main lodge and outlying camps. Success rates are near 100% but we hunt for a trophy. To do so, it is necessary to view a number of animals and if we do not see a trophy animal in one area we move to another in consultation with the guest

It is not unusual to size up a large number of animals in a week's hunt. We hunt the most productive areas of the Middle Ridge Herd (14,000 animals) which has larger antlers than most other caribou herds - actually, most Boone and Crockett woodland caribou records (in the top 10) have come from our area. Over the past few years we have taken a number of Boone and Crockett records (our president is a B & C Official Measurer). Due to Government restrictions we offer less than 20 caribou hunts per year.

Right now you can book a 2012 woodland caribou/moose combo hunt for $8000.00 US, or a caribou/moose/bear combo for $8500 US. These prices include licenses!! Contact Nolan for all info ASAP. Call him at 306.585.3236 or email Nolan@ihuntcanada.com.

***You will have to get to St. John's for pickup. There are a number flights daily into St. John’s through eastern North American Airports. ***

Moose hunts are offered in the fall. Our fully qualified guides are at your service to assist you have an enjoyable hunt. We hunt around the Gander River area. Generally we have 90% opportunity on moose.

We hunt along the banks of the river; along the ridges of timber; or use old woods roads.

Black Bear hunts are stumble on hunts and are available in the Fall as an add on to the caribou or moose hunt. We have one of the highest black bear densities in Nfld., Some bears can weigh in excess of 600 pounds. A bear hunt can be added to caribou or moose for $500.

We hunt in Central Newfoundland away from settlement. The country is pristine wilderness ( accessed by aircraft ), that is primarily open maritime barrens with scattered forest lands and ideal for hunting from a stationary position or spot and stalk. Our clients are the only hunters in the area

Airport pickup at Gander International Airport ( or St. John's airport if preferred) can be arranged. There are a number flights daily into Gander through eastern North American Airports. There are also options to come by ferry and drive to Gander (spectacular).

Hunting Dates: Caribou, moose and black bear hunting seasons run from mid September through to early December. We usually book parties for a week - Sunday to Saturday but we are flexible and can tailor to individual needs. Bow hunting only starts Sept. 1

We can offer a spike tent caribou hunt for those of you who would like to be more adventurous. The float plane will drop us off in a remote area and we will sleep in a tent and cook out of propane stoves

* Note: This company specializes in Trophy Woodland Caribou Hunts. We do have caribou and moose or a combo of both if you like.

Above all, we attempt to give our clients the best and most enjoyable hunt and wilderness experience obtainable.

a successful woodland caribou hunter (give it some time to download as it is a large picture)
woodland caribou wandering in Newfoundland (give it some time to download as it is a large picture)

Northern British Columbia Out#1

I Hunt Canada is proud to be working with this world class British Columbia outfitter. They are exclusive to 4500 square miles of wilderness accessible only by float plane or horseback.

Location is remote Northern BC in the Cassier Mountain Region, stretching right to the Yukon border. To hunt with this outfitter you will need to get to Whitehorse, Yukon or Atlin, BC.

IRR offers 15 camps throughout their hunting region, along with several permanent wall tent spike camps. Hunts are mostly spot & stalk and calling utilizing horses, hiking, and glassing. This outfitter offers a variety of big game hunts including Mountain Caribou (Aug 15-Oct 15), Canadian Moose (Sept 15-Oct 16), Grizzly Bear (Sept1-Oct 15), Mountain Goat (Aug1-Sept 30), and Stone sheep (Aug 1-Sept 17).

All packages include pick up in Whitehorse or Atlin, accommodations, meals, guiding, trophy and meat prep, horses and saddles. All hunts are in US funds and subject to a $1200 charter fee in addition to the hunt price. All hunts are also a 1x1 hunter guide ratio, but don't include licenses or tax.

Prices are as follows:

10 day Mountain Caribou $12,500 US

10 day Canadian Moose $12,500 US

10 day Mountain Goat $12,500 US

10 day fall Grizzly Bear $12,500 US + $4000 trophy fee

12 day Stone Sheep $35,000 US

For combo hunts add $2,500 for each additional animal

Contact Nolan for all info ASAP. Call him at 306.585.3236 or email Nolan@ihuntcanada.com or use the form at the bottom of the page.

Newfoundland Out. #3, Newfoundland

Trophy Woodland Caribou in Atlantic Canada

Through my experience in Commercial Bush Flying, I can honestly say that Harold's Pond and Steele's Lake Lodge has produced World Class Hunting for Woodland Caribou, Moose & Black Bear. These hunts do require walking over semi-rugged terrain, yet not overly difficult to travel, the amount you will need to travel will be on the average a direct function of the quality trophy you desire. Instead of solid timbered areas there is rolling terrain with islands of timber making it ideal terrain for glassing the countryside. It provides for an exciting Spot & Stalk Hunt. ..`Bob Efford, owner '

Offering the best in Pristine, remote, top quality, fly-in, trophy Woodland Caribou hunting in Western and Central Newfoundland
Our location...With our fly-in remoteness and a never before hunted country range, the lake provides our guests with near perfect success in taking Boone & Crocket and Pope & Young Trophies. At our Trophy Caribou camp we take a maximum of 4 hunters per week, yet we can accommodate up to 6 hunters, but only within the same party. The lodge has all the creature comforts of home; hot and cold running water with showers, generated electricity and propane refrigeration, as well as a mobile radio telephone system.

At the lodge we have two aluminum boats and 2 canoes with outboard motors for use to travel a nine mile water system. The western region of this system boasts the best caribou terrain in NFLD (ie. being their breeding and calving range). With miles of white caribou moss covering the rolling terrain and frequent shrubby Junipers, Caribou find this terrain to be prime habitat.

These caribou hunts can be tailored to your needs. You may choose for a 1:1 hunt,(a personal guide) or a 2:1 hunt (2 hunters per one guide).

.. The terrain consists mostly of tundra, lots of rolling hills and spots of timber stands. The spot and stalk method is usually the type of hunt for these Woodland Caribou.

Two weeks prior to our rifle season we have a two week exclusive Bow Hunting Season. It allows great opportunity for the Bow Hunting enthusiast to bag his trophy stag.

Bob's Lake, as well as Harold's Pond, provides good chances to stumble onto a Black Bear, especially at Bob's Lake. There is a high population of these trophy bruins weighing in excess of 500-600 lbs.
Tree stands will also be used for hunting these bears. Even though it is much more difficult to keep a bear around the bait during the fall, the chances for success will run 40 - 50%. This is due to the vase expanses of berries that these bears feed on.

Ptarmigan hunting presents a splendid way to spend these long days after you have bagged your game. There are hundreds of these birds nestled away in those Partridge Berry Hills. Also other small game, include Grouse, Snowshoe and Arctic Hares.

1 on 1 Fly in prices ( do to include tax or license ):
Eastern Canadian Moose                  $3,900 - $7,500 US
Woodland Caribou                           $12,500 US
Black Bear                                        $3,700 US
Trophy Moose                                  $6,900 US
Trophy Woodland Caribou ( 12 day )                   $16,600 US
Trophy Moose/Bear/Caribou ( 12 day )                 $19,900 US

Road Accessed hunt rates ( 2 on 1 guide )
Eastern Canadian Moose             $3,900 US
Spring Black Bear                        $2,800 US



BOW HUNTING --- late August - mid- Sept.:       BOW / RIFLE ------- mid SEPT. - mid Nov.

Hunts include accommodations, guides, licenses, food, boats and motors, flight to and from the lodge, airport pick- up, meat packaging and trophy preparation. Hunts are from Saturday to Saturday

* Note: This company specializes in Trophy Woodland Caribou Hunts. Moose Tags are very limited. We have access to both a float plane and a helicopter thus delays in travel times are rare due to weather.

even the ladies can expect a nice caribou with us - 107k picture

ARCTIC Outfitter #1, Northwest Territories

Due to NWT Government caribou hunting restrictions this outfitter can not offer hunts until further notice

For centuries man has hunted the vast treeless habitat of the Central Canadian Barren Ground Caribou. You can now be part of this ancient rite on the uninhabitaed frontier.

We speak your language, take care of you, and know what you want! Arctic grizzly, muskox, wolf, wolverine, ptarmigan hunting, trophy fishing and

world- class caribou hunts.

This is the best combination of game, service,
accommodations and pure adventure in the NWT barrenlands.

Operating in an absolutely remote location, you will be amazed at the abundance of game, fish and exhilarating scenery!

This is your opportunity for an     "Adventure of a Lifetime."    

Obstruction Rapids our main camp is unparalleled in its success rate. Year after year, approx. 90% of our clients have taken Boone and Crockett or Pope and Young trophies, and 6 of the top 11 Safari Club trophies! Plus we still hold the worlds records for Safari Club and Longhunt (blackpowder). No other outfitter can match our consistent track record, so why look elsewhere? At 185 miles north of Yellowknife, (50 miles south of the Arctic circle) with access only by air, this camp is situated on a high bluff overlooking Lake Providence.

It is not uncommon to have thousands caribou within 3 miles of the main camp. The upcoming season are booking up quickly with repeat hunters, so if you want to hunt in the immediate future, do not put off your booking/reservation too long.

This picture is from opening day 2005 season

Only two miles away lies the historic Caribou crossing... the only one available to the animals in 145 miles of the Coppermine River. This assures you of plentiful animals in the area. We expect you to see at least 1,000 caribou from which to make a selection, and at times many more! You will be accompanied by one of our guides, all of which are tops in their ability to field score and assist you in any way.

It is not uncommon to see over 15,000 caribou walk through our camp.

Several hunt periods are already filled, so please do not lose out and make your reservation now! This packaged is priced out of Yellowknife NWT, so plan accordingly.

The clients we have sent from `98 - `09 all say they want to go back and hunt with Barry again. Several have returned many times with a 100% success rate in all years.

Wolf and wolverine are seen frequently and occasionally taken; ptarmigan are always found behind the camp and make for some interesting sport in the evening.

Huge Lake Trout (biggest was 47 pounds, Arctic Grayling averaged 3+ pounds, and ravenous Northern Pike (4 feet in length) abound in the waters of Lake Providence. 45 miles in length it is virtually virgin fishing and will thrill you with many hours of pure excitement. By practicing catch-and-release, you will be assured of great fishing for eternity. We're confident that record- size fish will continue to be taken by our sportsmen! "Where else can you catch over 100 fish in an afternoon?"

Across the lake from camp is an ancient Inuit ( Eskimo ) campsite, one of the largest known! Further down the lake stand Inukshuks, the eerie stone left behind by ancient cultures thousands of years ago! For those of you interested in the Sir John Franklin expedition of 1821, we have located the grave of one of his men, Mr. Hood. You will want to bring lots of film to capture your memories and the tranquillity of the Barren-grounds, resplendent in its kaleidoscope of autumn colors.

Picture a vibrant sunset every evening and as darkness encroaches, the sky comes alive in a blaze of glory... the famous Aurora Borealis... the Northern Lights. Bring lots of film to record your memories.

More game then you will see anywhere else in North America!

Our license applications have to sumbitted by late May so plan accordingly.
The last two hunting periods can be tougher hunting some years due to colder weather and winds, but still produce super game.

This is an Adventure Hunt! You'll have the time of your life! But don't take our word for it, give a call to some of our references. They've been here, seen the number of animals we have to offer, and taken trophies home. Now it's your turn.

In our opinion this is the best NWT Outfitter in Canada
and is comparable to any caribou outfitter we know of.

If you are interested in hunting caribou in the arctic this is your destination!

Check with Barry's references they will tell you how many animals they saw and the whole quality of service you will receive.

"The Ultimate Adventure under the Northern Lights"

The "I Hunt Canada"
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I Hunt Canada can have the information sent to you so you
can book directly with your chosen company.

Sometimes our form does not function properly (spammers seem to bombard it)

give Nolan a call at   306.585.3236   and he will get find you a great hunt!

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Please send me more caribou hunting information from:

Quebec Outfitter #3, Competitive top rate caribou packages; great feedback year after year    at this price Quebec's best
Quebec Outfitter #1, great success over the years, top-notch reputation; leaf river hunts, trophy brook trout,       bow hunters +++
Manitoba Outfitter #1 Caribou and Caribou+Moose combo
Newfoundland Outfitter #2 Caribou   Moose   Bear   Combos
Arctic Outfitter #2 Offering Caribou, Moose, & Combo hunts
N. British Columbia Out #1 Offering Caribou, Moose, Mountain Goat, and Grizzly Bear hunts
Newfoundland Outfitter #3
Arctic Outfitter #1 Caribou - no hunts at this time offered due to caribou migration

Comments or requests:
these really help

* Due to the number of requests for information on our site we can only process requests with at least:

" Name;     Phone Number     and e-mail contact information "

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