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new brunswick bear hunt hunting

Spring bear hunts offered

or come enjoy a Canadian fall hunt,

we have the options for you.

Now is an ideal time to be planning your 2011 or 2012 bear hunt.... We offer you the choice of many fine outfitters and various prices for your hunt...

Other hunting options include: caribou, elk, moose, musk ox,
ptarmagin, geese, ducks, wolves, deer, wild boar...

Combine fishing for Atlantic salmon, northern pike,
brook trout; arctic char to name a few.

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Eastern Canadian Bear Hunting Listings:

Western Canadian Bear Hunting Listings: click here


Restigouche - Eastern Quebec

Black Bear Hunting - Spring only
Eastern Quebec offers you some of the best black bear hunting in Quebec. We have a large territory, with a very good bear population. Hunting pressure is low, with many large bears taken. We only take 16 hunters for bear per year.

Six night stay with 5 days of hunting will run you $1,495 cdn/hunter double occupancy; $1595 single occupancy; bow hunters add $100 One guide per two hunters. Price includes lodging, meals, preparation of meat and skin, and stands. We specialize in bow and crossbow hunting. Rifle hunters have had a 100% success rate the last two years. We conduct hunts from May 20th - June 15th only for best results. Fishing can be added to your hunts.

Hunts are conducted in the evenings. Add fishing to your bear hunt for between $175-$230. We have had bears taken over 400 pounds. Rifle hunters have a 80% success rate while bow hunters were at 65%.


Pete can offer you a 2 bear hunt by letting you take 1 bear in Quebec and 1 in New Brunswick. Plase ask about price.

Matapedia Quebec is the Atlantic Salmon Capital

Atlantic Salmon Fly Fishing Great fishing, gourmet chefs, experienced guides located near the Quebec/New Brunswick border.

"The area is a Mecca for salmon anglers in the region and its walls, and those of its attached restaurant are richly adorned with all sorts of salmon fishing memorabilia and art works. 30 pound salmon are not uncommon. If you like the challenge of having to play your fish in you will love this experience. The salmon in this area love to strike your line. They fight like devils and like to jump.".... exerts taken from "The Maine Sportsman" written by Harry Vanderweide. Our fishing rates start as low as $200/day.

WINTER activities include winter guided tours and expeditions by snowmobile. The lodge is within minutes of superbly groomed provincial trails the new Brunswick has become famous for, and out our back door are hundreds of kilometers of crown lands with a myriad of logging trails that serve as a basis for touring by snowmobile.

direct link to Restigouche web site     or call Pete at 877.865.2848

Sunset Shan-Gri-La Lodge, New Brunswick

Offering guided Black Bear, Moose and Whitetail Deer hunts in Central New Brunswick, Canada..

We are a family run business in a family type setting, with hospitality to match.

Black Bear Hunting: spring and fall
Not much more can be said about N.B. black bear that has not been said before!
They are plentiful - and BIG - it is not uncommon to get one between 400- 500 pounds.

Hunting black bears at Sunset Shan-Gri-La is one of the most exciting things that could ever happen to you. Our lodge is ideally situated with 25 bear baits in deer virgin forest, only 20-30 minutes from our lodge. Our guides are wise in the ways of the forest and success rates are high - averaging 98% - so you should be taking that bear skin home with you. Early bow season runs Sept. 10-22 in the fall and there is excellent fishing during this period. Bear hunts cost $1,500 US

Don owner/operator/guide with successful hunter

White-tail Deer Hunting: fall
New Brunswick has a bountiful number of white-tailed deer.
In our immediate area, we have an excellent herd of white-tails.

Bucks with 8-16 points and weighing 200-300 pounds are found.
The record for N.B. is 308 pounds, while our own record is 302 pounds.
Hunting is done with bow; rifle or muzzle loader.
There is an early "bow only" season for those interested. Hunt cost is $1,500 US

As you can see the ladies are successful hunters of all species with us.

Bird Hunting:
New Brunswick is located directly in the path of the annual Woodcock migration. Our lodge is located in the middle of New Brunswick. For Woodcock hunters, this is paradise. There is also excellent hunting for the speedy Grouse and an ample supply of waterfowl. Duck hunters will find Teal; Black Duck; Wood Duck; Golden- Eyes; Ring necks, Scaup and other species against which to test their hunting skills. We do not provide dogs but if you bring one, we do have a kennel.

Moose Hunting: late September
For those that win the New Brunswick non-resident moose tag we can offer you an excellent moose hunt. Price is $1,800 US
Our web page has a link to enter the New Brunswick moose draw in the spring.

Combo Hunts:
Yes you can arrange to enjoy a hunt with more than one species of animal. Just contact Don and he will let you know the best dates for this type of arrangement.

Atlantic Salmon on the Miramichi:
Whether you are an avid Atlantic Salmon Fisherman, a novice wanting to learn fly casting, or a hunter wishing to try a little fishing in between hunts - this is where you should be. Both our Spring and Summer fishing packages are reasonably priced. Contact Don for full details.

Lodging and what to expect:
Shan-gri-la Lodge can accommodate 14. In the main lodge it is 9 with a more private area that 5 can enjoy. All our meals are home cooked, and we can accommodate any dietary needs or preferences.

If you would like to contact Don Lyons at Sunset Shan-Gri-La Lodge call     506.365.7956
or go to Sunset Shan-Gri- La's web site       they have a nice photo gallery on their site

or email them at

Trophy Safaris International, New Brunswick

All booking made through Ihuntcanda will recieve an extra 5% off

Offering guided Black Bear, Moose and Whitetail Deer hunts in Southern New Brunswick, Canada..

Much of our hunting is done on private land or on Crown lands in zone 22 which is known for it's quality of animals. Our equipment is modern and reliable. We use trucks and bikes to reach the hunting areas that offer the finest chance at bagging your animal. We use permanent closed-in tree stands, ground blinds, tri-pods, ladder stands, climbers, and hang-on stands depending on location and individual ability. We use mountains of bait for both deer and bear, as much as 50% of your hunt cost is use soley for baiting your stand, we supply a lot of the outfitters with bait because of our storage capacity. Ask any of our hunters and they will tell you it's not uncommon for us to use a metric tonne of bait on each stand every few days.

black bear hunting new brunswick
Black Bear Hunting:

From Satellite TV, low hunter density to high numbers of game we can offer you a memorable experience.

One of the largest bears(902 lbs) ever taken was right near us.

moose hunting new brunswick
Deer Hunting:

We are on private land in hunt zone 22 which is some of the best deer territory in New Brunswick. NB offers some of the most heart pounding woodland Monster Whitetail hunting to be found anywhere.

We have taken 11 deer over 12 points. The smallest deer ever shot on a guided hunt was 8 points. For sheer mass and body weight NB deer stand alone. We offer both 6 day bow and rifle hunts at remote, well established, baited walk-in sites. Price is $1350 US.

Moose Hunting:

For those that win the New Brunswick non-resident moose tag we can offer you an excellent moose hunt. Price is $1,550 US.

Newly built Lodge - and what to expect:

Our comfortable Lodge is located on a large bison, elk, whitetail, red deer, fallow deer and exotic sheep ranch. You wake to bugling elk and roaring stags. Our motto is if you are not smiling all day then we are not doing our job. - Dave

Free fishing is available once you harvest your animal and 2 golf courses are nearby. You will not be disappointed. Food, facilities and ambiance are all first rate. We really do want you to enjoy your stay.

Labrador Adventures & Outfitting, Labrador Newfoundland

Great Hunting Territory

Hunt the Quebec/Labrador George River Herd

Each year around mid-November the Labrador West area has an invasion of Caribou that migrate to this area for their winter-feeding grounds. The George River caribou herd is the largest caribou herd in the world and it is an unforgettable site to see thousands of caribou migrating at the same time.

During the months of November and December it is a good opportunity to get a large rack. The hunting is done mostly on foot and/or by using a vehicle to intercept this migration of caribou. Snowmobilies are used for tansporting your animal back to your vehicles. late fall hunting packages available:

* - 3 day early winter package is $1,499 US - two caribou. includes licenses and tags, guides, export permits, meals, accommodations as well as taxes.

Starting Jan. 1 hunters travel by snowmobile in search of these animals. If you have never used a snowmobile for hunting then you are missing out on a truly once in a lifetime experience. We will do everything possible to make your trip a successful and enjoyable one. Non-resident hunters are entitled to 2 caribou per license. * - 3 day package for $1,499 US.

Your host Edward Burke has been hunting caribou for over 25 years by snowmobile in this region. Labrador Adventures offers winter hunts allowing 6 guests per week to come and enjoy this experience.

Year to year there seems to more caribou then ever. Some still have some excellent racks. Our success is your success and our guides will do everything to assist you in obtaining your trophy.

Also available: small game hunting ( Ptarmigan & spruce grouse ) and ice fishing in season, these are available for just the cost of the license. Come enjoy some of ourworld renowned Labrador Hospitality.

caribou herd on the move
another great shot of the caribou herd

Spring and Fall Black Bear hunts
Labrador has an abundance of big black bears and each spring these bruins exit their dens in search of food. We have active baits that are visited regularly. Priced at $1799 US. A second bear can be harvested for $500.
Hunts offered May - July; and Sept - Nov.
We restrict our group size to only 4 hunters.

Our hunts are based out of Wabash (Labrador City) which can be reached by air; train or driving.

fishing in Ontario Hideaway Outfitters, 1.888.797.2577
Redditt Ontario (W. Ontario)

Hunt or fish in NW Ontario

John has owned and operated this lodge for over 20 years. John says "small enough that I like meeting the guests to ensure they are enjoying themselves."

Redditt is located near Kenora Ontario (near Lake of the Woods) which makes us an easy destination for our guests coming from the Central United States. For your reference we are about 2.5 hours from the International Falls border crossing or Winnipeg.

The Fishing

Northern Pike; Walleye; Bass and Muskie

American Plan ($1,600 US/person): accom. in fully modern cabin including all meals, cable TV, bedding; fully guided fishing including boat, motor, gas and bait; shore lunch; canoes; fish cleaning and freezing; private beach; conservation license; ice; your stay is 7 nights Saturady - Saturday

Economy Package ($800 US/person) includes: accom.; boat, motor, no meals

Fisherman's Special: bring your own boat
we can rent you a great cabin; use our dock; cleaning area; walk-in freezer...
up to 4 guests only $800

bear and deer hunting Ontario Family Package ($800 US/week) (children under 15) boat rentals available:
up to 4-5 guests; accom. in fully modern cabin including cable TV, cooking utensils, microwave, bedding; canoes are available; use of fish cleaning and freezing house; private beach; your stay is 7 nights. 2 - 18 hole golf courses are nearby, as well as a museum and Provincial park; a 3 screen movie house and many restaurants

Northern Pike: expect to catch 5-15 pounders, with some approaching 25. You will keep busy reeling them in

Walleye: we've had 13 pounders caught, but expect to catch smaller ones but they will keep you happy fishing for them.

Bass: expect to catch 1.5 - 3+ pounders, with some approaching 5-6 pounds.

Muskies: We can send you locations where you can fish for muskies

Nice fish

Outpost camp available for those who like to enjoy and experience our great outdoors even more.

Bear Hunts
Aug. 15 - Sept. 30:

we average 200 - 400 pound bear but bear several over 450 pounds have been taken by happy hunters:
we supply tree stands and baiting and assist you in retrieving your game
we start baiting a month prior to the season opens ensuring your success

Archery and rifle hunts: American Plan ($3,000 US) includes: license, accom; meals; fully guided hunt; game prep.; 7 night stay; tons of guided fishing: we can add an archery deer hunt as a bonus for a small fee
Economy Package archery and rifle includes ($1,600 US): accom; cooking utensils; semi-guided; tons of guided fishing
Outpost camp ($1,600 US) inquire:

Check out the picture of this 500 pound bear taken by one of our 2003 guests
Another nice bear from 2003

Deer Hunts
mid- Oct - mid Nov.:     avg. 200 - 300 lb deer

Archery and rifle hunts:
American Plan ($3,000 US) includes: license, accom; meals; fully guided; game prep.; 7 night stay:
deer hunters special offer: up to 4 un-guided hunters - 1 cabin rental $800

3 deer from 2003 - 90k

Moose Hunts
Sept. 16 - 30:    1000 pound moose
Archery only hunts: American Plan includes: license, accom; meals; fully guided; game prep.; 7 night stay: sold out

If you would like to contact John at Hideaway Outfitters right now call 1.888.797.2577

or go to Hideaway Outfitter's web site

If you would like to contact Hideaway/John please send e-mail to:

more great pictures on the Hideaway web site

New Brunswick Outfitter #1


We are a small independently owned business located 25 miles west of Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada. This beautiful hunters paradise is located upon a very large tract of private land. We limit the number of hunters in order to provide hunters satisfaction and the highest quality service to our customers. Hammond Brook Hunting Adventures offers excellent deer hunting catering to rifle, bow, and black powder hunters. We specialize in white tail deer, moose, black bear, and coyote.            

Hammond brook lodge is proud to say that we can accommodate hunters with mobility issues with items such as ground blinds and ramps. For more info, feel free to contact us. Worthy of mentioning is that the top typical ever from Atlantic Canada was hunted on Hammond Brook’s large section of private land in 1999. This whitetail measured with an entry score of 198 1/8 Boone and Crockett points. Experts agree, the possibility of the next World Record White-tail Buck being taken in New Brunswick is very real. Who knows, it may be right here at Hammond Brook.

Deer Hunt Dates:

October 24 until November 19

Cost of license: $200 plus HST

This package includes; Transportation to and from Fredericton Airport , 6 nights accommodation, 5 days of hunting, Meals, Experienced licensed guides, Tree stands and ground blinds to accommodate rifle and bow hunters.

Total package price: $1695 USD per person (license fees are not included)

Bear Hunt Dates:

hunt deer in canada with hammond ihuntcanda

Spring Season-May 2 until June 25 (Limit of one)

Fall Season-October 3 until Nov. 6 (Limit of one)

Cost of license: $200 plus HST

This package includes; Transportation to and from Fredericton Airport, 6 nights accommodations, 5 days of hunting, Meals, Experienced licensed, guides, Tree stands and ground blinds to accommodate rifle and bow hunters.

Total package price: $1695 USD per person (license fees are not included)

          Our bear baits are started a month before the hunt is set to begin and are re-baited daily to ensure the best possible conditions. New Brunswick's Black Bear population is at one of the highest levels ever. In 2010 we saw multiple bears hitting our baits on trail cams. The 2011 bear season  promises to be outstanding for Hammond Brook hunters.

Moose Hunts           

Dates: September 22, 23, 24

hunt moose with hammond in canada ihuntcanada record buck hammondbrook ihuntcanada

Transportation to and from Fredericton Airport, 4 nights accommodation, 3 days of hunting, Meals, Experienced licensed guides, Tree stands and ground blinds to accommodate rifle and bow hunters are included in the price.

Total package price: $2500 USD per person (license fees are not included)



Note: We also are able to provide our clients with a special bonus. Upon booking for bear, or deer hunting packages, our customer receives a moose application. If you are successfully chosen in the draw, you will be eligible for a FREE hunt. Please contact us for more info on this.


Contact Nolan Novik for information or to book with this outfitter.


If you are looking for a Western Canadian bear hunt or a bear hunt with a moose combo click here

A 94k map of Canada for your reference


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